10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Work At Home


10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Work At Home

10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Work At Home…And Why We Do It Anyway!

By Jennifer Spears

It sucks to work at home sometimes, so as I sit down to write my 50th blog post (Yay me!), I thought I would talk a little bit about that, and also try to explain why we do it anyway! 

So here they are, in no particular order…10 reasons why it sucks to work at home!

1. You’re home most of the time and can always see what needs to be done, on the business end and the household end.

We don’t have a separate home office, we work wherever and whenever we can. Sometimes we set up in the kitchen, other times, it’s the living room. It is a constant battle to keep everything done, and I admit, I do miss “going home” at the end of the day.

2. You can’t go home and vent about your coworkers.

What’s worse, on bad days, you still live with the coworker that pissed you off. You still need to sit down and eat dinner with them, and **gasp** sometimes even have to crawl into bed with them at the end of the day.

3. Everyone thinks you’re available all of the time…because, after all, you’re always home.

Setting a work schedule and sticking to it is even harder when other people don’t respect your work hours. We’re not retired here…still have a family to support! This means possible strained relationships with family or friends because sometimes, we just have to say no.

4. It’s hard to stop working.

There is always more that needs to be done, and when you don’t “go home” at the end of the work day, it’s sometimes hard to pencil in some down time.

5. There is no “end of the work week” feeling…and no one hands you a paycheck.

Again, when you are responsible for making your own paycheck, the work never stops. Even on our days off, we are taking pictures for the blog, or scoping out potential outlets for our products, or talking to potential customers.

6. There is no recognition from an employer…

…and you can’t brag about your accomplishments without coming off as a jerk. 


7. You tend to be less polite to family members than you would be to other coworkers.

You just have less filters, so unfortunately, you see your loved ones at their worst.

8. Everything lies on your shoulders.

There is no boss or company owner above you to handle the really big problems. It’s all you, buddy!

9. There are a lot of distractions.

Kids, pets, personal phone calls, candy crush…always there to pull you away from what you need to be doing.

10. You have to be really self-disciplined to keep a productive schedule.

Since you’re home a lot, it’s easy to busy yourself with “busy work” that needs to be done, but that doesn’t actually make money and contribute to your long term goals. Unfortunately, no one pays you to play with your kids or do the laundry. 


Why We Do It Anyway…

So if it really sucks to work at home, why do we do it? Well…lots of reasons. As we learned by reading this book, our lives are our own, and we deserve to live in a way that makes us happy.

There is no doubt about whether or not your coworkers share the same goals that you do.

Our success depends as much on each other as it does on ourselves. We want our businesses to be successful. We want our children to benefit from seeing us work, and from the freedom that unjobbing allows.

Less Overhead.

From a business perspective, it just makes sense not to pay rent for a storefront, when our stuff sells from home just as well. From a personal perspective, we don’t spend as much money on gas, work clothes, lunches out or the dreaded office collections (don’t mean to sound insensitive here, but we’ve all been in situations where they just seem unending!)

We get to set our own income goals.

There is no salary cap, or pay grade for our positions. If we want to make more money, we set goals that will help us get to where we want to be. We just can’t brag about our “raise” on social media…trust me, no one wants to hear about it!

We get to set our own schedules.

I said that it was hard to be self-disciplined enough to keep a productive schedule, but it’s also wonderful to be able to plan our days off around the weather or busy times of the year.

No daycare.

Our older kids have not been in daycare since they were adopted, and our two youngest have never been in daycare. Being able to work and also care for our children not only saves us a lot of money, but it brings us closer together as a family. Not to mention having a constant reminder of why we work so hard!

We are actually using the house and land that we paid for.

Now I know that I don’t think like a lot of people, but it’s just never made sense to me to work like crazy to pay for a house that you are never home to enjoy…because you are always at work paying for it! 

We get to see each other at our best!

The flip side of seeing each other struggle is seeing each other shine. Being able to see each other work every day and watch each other grow has been a blessing.


Our kids see us taking chances and living our dreams.

There is more to life than work, and by unjobbing, and supporting ourselves without traditional employment, our kids are seeing that they have choices in life. We hope that they live their lives on their own terms, and never get sucked into societies ideas of success.

Recognition and appreciation from your family is the best.

Yes, there is no recognition from an employer…no employee of the month, or employee of the year. Isn’t that a terrible concept anyway? What does that say to everyone who worked really hard, but didn’t “win”? Not a great way to promote unity and teamwork…but what do I know. However, nothing makes it all worth it more than a sincere “thank you” from the people who mean the most to you.

It’s just plain awesome to be different and do your own thing!

Can’t even explain it…if you want to know how it feels, you’ll have to do it yourself!

There is no complaining about work.

If you don’t like something, you can change it. If we have a day when it REALLY sucks to work at home, we try to figure out what is off that day, and adjust our schedules to make things run a little smoother.

There is no calling in sick, or lying to bosses about needing time off.

If we have a family emergency, or have sick kids, work gets put on hold…as it should. Period.

So yeah…it sucks to work at home…sometimes! But the benefits are just too good to give up, and we’re happy! If there comes a day when working from home is no longer the best thing for us, we’ll adapt and move forward, as we always do. But for now, we’re enjoying each day as it comes, and loving this great adventure!

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