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Welcome to Enjoying Our Days!

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Enjoying Our Days is a community all about enjoying life, having fun, spending time with family and eating amazing home cooked meals…and we don’t think that living really well should cost a lot of money! 

Our blog tops include:

Be Inspired where we share feel good stories about our family. Our family has been blessed by infertility (yes, we consider it a blessing), adoption and then two miracle pregnancies! Through it all, we’ve had some really amazing adventures, and we love sharing them.

Recipes! Who doesn’t love home cooked food? We share our versions of all of our favorite recipes. You’ll find amazing recipes for foods that include breads, breakfast, desserts, grain free, low carb, main dishes and side dishes in this section.

Our Budget Friendly Living section includes all of our posts about budgeting, frugal living, household recipes and our best tips for how to save & spend wisely.

Family Fun is probably our favorite section! We love to have fun and we share ideas for crafts, family projects, fun on a budget, holidays, kids projects, learning at home and travel.

Our Small Business section is where we share everything that we have learned about working at home and running our own business. We share posts about motivation, small business tips and blogging.

Meet Our Team!

I am Jennifer and I’m the Mom! I do most of the writing for the blog and paint for our small business. My favorite things to do are hanging out with the kids, cooking and going on day trips! You can send me an email anytime at jennifer@enjoyingourdays.com.

This is Glenn, and he’s the Dad! He is the graphics guru and basically the glue that holds this entire website together!

The Littles! Resident cookie testers and small business owners in training!

The Teens! Dreamers, Social Media “Super Fans” and VA’s in training! 

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