How To Pack A Can’t Get Home Bag

can't get home bag Revised Can t Get Home BagHow To Pack A “Can’t Get Home Bag”

By Jennifer Spears

If you are into prepping at all, you’ve surely heard of a “get home bag.” While that is a great idea for some families and situations, we’ve taken it in another direction and prepared a “can’t get home bag” for each of our vehicles. This makes more sense for us, since we have small children and almost always have them with us. Should an emergency situation occur, we’re stuck wherever we happen to be…we’re not going anywhere! Continue reading “How To Pack A Can’t Get Home Bag”

How To Build A Recycled Tire Motorcycle

Revised How To Build A Recycled Tire Motorcycle header

How To Build A Motorcycle Out Of Recycled Tires

By Jennifer Spears

Check out our latest project…this motorcycle that we made out of recycled tires!

This time of year is great for us. The garden is in, and the weeds are out. The chickens are free ranging and feeding themselves. The bees are happily gathering pollen and nectar, needing very little care from us. How then, do we spend our free time? 

We create yard art, and other fun things for us to enjoy around our homestead! Continue reading “How To Build A Recycled Tire Motorcycle”