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Need gifts for Dad that won't strain the budget? I hear ya! Dad's are awesome...but let's face it...they get stressed out sometimes.Since finances are

Gifts For Dad Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune!

By Jennifer Spears

Need gifts for Dad that won’t strain the budget? I hear ya! Dad’s are awesome…but let’s face it…they get stressed out sometimes. Since finances are often a major cause of stress for them, it’s not a bad idea to think about some gifts that won’t strain the budget…at least not too much! 

Luckily, most Dad’s are happy with simple gifts and acts of appreciation. We don’t have to spend a fortune to show them how much we care.

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Gifts For Dad From Kids

  • A Homemade Card Or Special Drawing

Dad’s love to get special artwork from their kids! Not only are homemade cards fun to make, but they are an awesome memory to look back at years down the road. Seeing the words and pictures drawn by those little hands will make Dad smile for sure.

  • Homemade Craft Gifts

Kids love to make gifts, so help them create some fun craft gifts for Dad. You can use supplies that you already have on hand, or pick up some affordable craft supplies at the dollar store.

  • Coupons Just For Dad

Help your child make special coupon gifts for Dad. The coupons can be for anything from helping Dad do a chore to singing him a special song, telling him a joke or doing their own chores without being told. Short on time? Sign up for our mailing list and you can print off Ready To Go Coupons Just For Dad right now!

  • A Special Performance

If your kids love to perform, encourage them to put on a show for Dad. A song, dance, play or magic show will be fun for them to create, and Dad will love the well planned out gift. Take pictures or video of the performance, so Dad can treasure it forever.

  • Make Dad A Video

Get everyone together and make a video for Dad, telling him how much he is loved and appreciated. Even though he already knows, he will appreciate seeing his family on video expressing their feelings.

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Gifts For Dad From A Spouse

  • A Home Cooked Meal 

What is Dad’s favorite meal? Serve him up his favorite dish with all of the extras that he wants. Even an elaborate meal at home is more affordable than going out to eat, especially if you have a large family. Make sure that Dad gets to enjoy the experience. Get the kids on board to help prepare, serve, and clean up.

  • A Massage/Foot Rub

Indulge Dad with a massage or a foot rub! All Dad’s need to feel special sometimes, so take the opportunity to help him relax and feel truly pampered.

  • A Poem Or Love Letter

Remember when you were first dating? How easy it was to write out little poems or love letters for each other? Recreate those memories, and bring those feeling to the surface, by writing a poem or love letter to Dad. Relationships evolve over time, but those feelings of love and attraction only change if we let them. 

  • A Special Framed Picture 

Pictures make wonderful gifts for Dad! Frame a family portrait or a snapshot of an amazing family outing. Dad will love being able to hang the picture at work, or at home where he can enjoy it and be reminded of how awesome it is to be a Dad.

  • A Slideshow Recapping Family Memories

There are a lot of programs out there that can help you make a picture slideshow for Dad. You can choose a song that reminds you of Dad, or that will remind him of his family, and create a gift that Dad will love. 

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Tips For Buying Gifts For Dad

In addition to some of the suggestions above, you may still wish to purchase a special Father’s Day gift. 

My biggest suggestion for this is to ask Dad what he wants!

Sometimes, we think that Dad might want something big, when something small would mean just as much.

If Dad can’t (or won’t) give you any ideas, think about what he most enjoys doing.

If he loves to cook burgers on the grill, you could consider getting him a new barbecue set to make grilling a lot more fun.

Does Dad love to spend time playing sports or working out at the gym? Perhaps an awesome gym bag, to carry all of his stuff, would make a great gift.

Is Dad into photography or other digital hobbies? Check out some inexpensive accessories that are sure to impress him.

The whole point of giving gifts is to show someone how much we know them, love them and appreciate them.

You don’t have to strain your budget, and cause Dad stress, to give him a great Father’s Day. Simple is usually better, and the best things in life really are free.

What ideas do you have for gifts for Dad that won’t strain the budget? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

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