Never Run Out Of Money…Even When You’re Broke


never run out of money How To Never Run Out Of Money…Even When You’re Broke

By Jennifer Spears

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could never run out of money? We’d never have to worry about unexpected expenses like our cars breaking down, or dread getting our insurance or tax bills in the mail.

What if I told you that it was possible? Would you believe that you could happily live your life, without worrying about your finances?

Would you believe that it’s not only possible, but that you don’t even need a lot of money to attain that level of financial stability?

By society’s standards, my husband and I have never made that much money.

That hasn’t stopped us though. 

We started saving money together when we were 18. We bought our first home when we were 21. We paid cash for our second home, and now we are both “pre-tired” and work at home on this blog and our laser engraving business.

Life is good!

Before I started working at home though, I had regular jobs…and met some people who helped shape my saving and spending patterns.

One of the first jobs I ever had was at a bank. I was just a teller, an entry level position that didn’t pay that well.

I’m an observer by nature, and although tellers are technically not “supposed” to remember things about customers…it’s kind of impossible not to. 

What I noticed right away was how little money most people had in their savings accounts.

Most people had a lot less money put away than my husband and I did. I’m not saying this to brag, but to simply make a point. 

It didn’t seem to matter how much money people made either.

Actually, it seemed like the people that made the most money were the ones who had the most trouble paying their loans…and many of them had a lot of loans!

A lot of these high earning people would come in on pay day…cash their checks…go out and have a great weekend…then come back in on Monday to yell at me because they didn’t have enough money left to make their loan payments.

never run out of money

There were some exceptions though.

I remember seeing a lady at the discount store who I knew had a very large savings account. That proved to me that frugality was a trait of wealthy people, and perhaps a reason why wealthy people seem to never run out of money.

This concept was further backed up by personal finance books that we read, like “Your Money or Your Life”.

But there was one man in particular that still, to this day, sticks out in my mind. 

He would come in every week to deposit most of his paycheck. 

He didn’t make that much…but he also didn’t have any loans. His vehicle was an older, but well taken care of truck. He didn’t seem very high maintenance at all! 

I always enjoyed doing his transactions because he was so pleasant.

And guess what?

He had THOUSANDS in the bank…and I’m not talking a couple thousand…I’m talking thousands and thousands…BIG thousands!

He had simply saved the money that he didn’t need from his modest paychecks each week…and it had made him financially stable, and well…wealthy!

So there was another piece to the puzzle: wealthy people lived within, or even below, their means. Surely this must help them to never run out of money.

never run out of money

After a couple of years working as a teller, I moved on to another job that paid a little better and that I thought I would enjoy more.

I landed a job in the business office for a fairly large company. My job involved many departments, including payroll.

Again, I observed the financial habits of the names that came across my desk. 

Some people at this company made quite a bit of money. Others, like myself, were still in the lower paying positions.

One “perk” that this company offered was small interest free loans (about $500) to employees who had encountered an unexpected expense. 

Sounds great, huh?

Here’s the thing though, the money to give out the loans was collected from employees…on a voluntary basis. 

Most of the donations came from the employees in the lower paying positions…they just naturally seemed to be more generous.

But guess where most of the interest free loan money was going?

Yup…to the upper level employees who were making two…sometimes three times the amount of money as the employees who were contributing the most to the fund! 

And it didn’t just happen a few times. The same high paid employees were getting the loans all the time, citing car repairs or emergency home maintenance as the reason.

That affirmed what I learned as a teller. Making more money was not necessarily the answer.

If a person can not handle their finances properly by controlling their spending and having a consistent savings plan, it doesn’t matter how much money they make.

never run out of money

Budgeting Made Simple

Those experiences had a huge impact on how my husband and I continued to change and improve our budgeting system. 

More than anything, we wanted to be happy. We didn’t want financial stress to take away from the quality of our lives, and we didn’t want to spend every hour of every day working for other people…hoping that our bosses would eventually see our value and offer to pay us what we were really worth. 

The only way that we could guarantee that we would someday be able to do work that we loved, and make a fair wage doing it, was to start our own business and invest in ourselves. 

We did that, and this budgeting system helped us get there.

Budgeting is really quite simple. 

The key to budgeting is planning for the long haul! You need to plan and adjust your budget now, so that your finances will not be a challenge for you six months down the road. 

You need to constantly and consistently be adjusting and modifying your budget…and your overall plan…so that you can reach your goals and someday have the financial stability to do what you really want to do.

Over the years, we have shared our budgeting system with a few of our friends and family members. 

People always encourage us to share it with more people…because it really works!

You can start where you are, even if you are having a hard time paying your bills and keeping food on the table. 

Our Budgeting Made Simple “How To Never Run Out Of Money…Even When You’re Broke” workbook is only the beginning. You can use it to “get your numbers” so you will know, without a doubt, exactly where you stand with your finances. 

I realize that there are other resources that you may need. 

  • Planning frugal meals that your family will actually want to eat.
  • Ideas for affordable family fun that will make the lean weeks and months pass by more easily.
  • Debt reduction strategies that work for real people.
  • Small business tips for when you have some extra money to invest in yourself.

I’ve got you covered! Start with this workbook…and do the work! Don’t be afraid to find out how your finances really look. Even if you are able to pay all of your bills on time, there are still steps that you can take to put yourself in a better financial situation.

Then, as you work towards your own financial stability…you can learn to enjoy the other parts of your life. 

That is what we are all about! Our entire website is about the good life…food, family, fun…and being your own boss!

It’s possible! 

We did it.

You can do it too…and we’d love to be part of your journey. We’d love to show you how to live your life so that you will never run out of money!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please leave us a comment and we WILL answer you. 

Are you ready to learn how to never run out of money? If you are…sign up to download your FREE Budgeting Made Simple Workbook before you go! 

Don’t wait until later. Don’t bookmark this page and hope to come back tomorrow. This is your future we’re talking about. Your plans. Your dreams. You deserve it…so do it now!

never run out of money

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